Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should I wash my car? 

In order to protect your paint finish on your car, we recommend you bring it in for an exterior wash at least once per week.  This will prevent harmful sediment and deposit from ruining the finish on you car. Our Club Plans allow our frequent customers to save money each time they visit!  

Q: What are your normal business hours?

Majestic is open 8-6 Monday-Saturday and 8-5 on Sunday.  We are open 7 days a week weather permitting.  

Q: What type of payments do you accept?

Majestic Car Wash accepts cash and most major credit cards.  Personal checks are not accepted.

Q: How much does a regular car wash cost?

An exterior wash is $11.97 and a full service wash is $16.34.  For all other prices, please visit Services. 

Q: Will the towels or brushes scratch my car?         

No.  We use micro fiber towels and foam brushes that leave your car looking brand new out of the showroom.  

Q: What products are used at Majestic?

Majestic uses only the finest soap and wax on the market.  For all car washing and detailing, we proudly use all SIMONIZ and GLPTONE products, the #1 detailers choice.  

Q: What happens if it rains after I get my car washed?

We have a 3-day rain check policy that allows for a free exterior wash after inclement weather.  For more information, please visit Rain Check Policy.

Q: What is the difference between car wash packages?

In addition to an exterior and full service wash, our two main car wash packages are the "Super" and "Majestic" wash.  They both include additional soap, waxes and protectants for the exterior.  Full details can be seen at Car Wash Packages.  

Q: What is car detailing?

Auto detailing is a complete and thorough cleaning of your vehicles exterior and interior.  At Majestic, your car will be personally looked at by our manager to ensure it meets the high standards we have set.  For pricing information on Detailing, please call our front desk at 516-569-3970.

Q: What kinds of products do you sell?

Our convenience store sells everything from snacks and beverages to wiper fluid and air fresheners.  We also offer free coffee and candy to all our customers.  We also sell various brands of cleaner including ArmorAll, Vinyl-ex, and Turtle.  For specific product details, please Contact Us. 

Q: How can I contact the manager?

Ed Long is the owner/operator of Majestic Auto Spa and is onsite most of the time. You can contact him at Ed@majesticwash.com or call the front desk during our normal business hours.